The Great British Challenge… #BeAPartOfSomething!

By katharine

October 27, 2020

Despite the apathy felt towards British films at times, the second you tell people you’re making a film everyone wants to be involved.  The Great British Challenge gives our country, and beyond, the chance to be intrinsic in making possible films in The Joining Forces Campaign which allow veterans the chance to experience the solidarity and sense of ‘mission accomplished’ so missed from a life in service. 

As well as other charity based projects which exist to support others and tell the stories which speak of our times.

Filmmaking in a time of Corona means that, for now, the Great British Challenge, will involve online quizzes, escape room challenges, cyber spaces murder mysteries, board games, tournaments and other socially distanced events but when the world opens its doors again we’re ready to take on the world . . . 

Get involved Weekend Warriors and #BeAPartofSomething

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