Sex in Strange Places

Denying any woman what’s rightfully hers must surely be a crime

Elaine Dexter, Maisie Huntington and C.J. Magee, three former college friends and roommates, reunite for the funeral of a fourth, Edward Buchanan, after he falls victim to a notorious pair of serial killers currently at large in town and known to locals as the Georgia Barracudas, so named because of their grim habit of snipping off a finger from each victim while still alive.

After overcoming the grim amazement of their estranged friend’s unsavoury demise they are treated to an even more surreal shock when they learn they are the sole beneficiaries of his $125,000,000 fortune. With mesmeric glee the ladies happily jack in their jobs, say goodbye to their humdrum lives, run up colossal credit card debts and move into Edward’s reclusive beach house where they await the arrival of their inheritance and the life of unbridled luxury it promises to bring.

However, the proverbial spanner appears in the works in the form of Kip Carretti a shifty young charmer claiming to be Edward’s half brother and threatening to tie up their inheritance in the courts for years to come unless they concede what he considers his share.

It seems the promise of such wealth has altered something deep within the three women, especially the go-getting and headstrong Elaine, and the subsequent threat of the money’s denial unleashes a ruthless tenacity within her. But Maisie and C.J. don’t realise quite how resolved Elaine is to ensuring they receive their inheritance until one drunken night she slyly slips them her idea of the 100% foolproof perfect murder and an audacious way of getting Kip Carretti out of the picture altogether.

Maisie and C.J. immediately rebuke the idea. As Carretti is the only thing that stands between them and their inheritance surely they’d be seen as the prime suspects should he suddenly meet a sticky end. Undeterred, Elaine points out that the one iron-clad way Carretti could happily turn up floating in a river or on the city dump with no accusatory fingers pointing at them would be if he were to become the next unfortunate victim of the Georgia Barracudas.

After much cajoling and heated exchanges Elaine finally gets her less enthused partners in crime to agree and they begin plotting homicide and cover-up. Unfortunately for Elaine however, as with all best laid plains, what ever can go wrong will go wrong. But even she would not have guessed that instead of a corpse she would find a very much alive Kip, kidnapped, fully fingered and handcuffed in a spare room of the beach house.

It seems Maisie and C.J. didn’t have quite the murderous resolve Elaine assumed they would be capable of and so when it came time to slice off a finger and bash the pretty man’s brains in the two women opted for a courteous glancing blow and carted him off with them in the trunk of their car.

And so with Elaine, happily a criminal mastermind, but not quite having the stomach to carry out the dreaded deed, mulling over the predicament, she is forced to devise a cunning new way of getting her hands on the fortune she’s not prepared to let pass her by.

The battle of wills rages, with Elaine, and the ever more resourceful and charmingly seductive Kip, sinking to new lows as they play any game they have to with their two unwitting pawns. And events at the isolated beach house soon spiral into a tangled mess of lust, deceit, betrayal and murder in the game to see who will emerge to survive and collect.

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