Building our Own Future in Film

The British Filmmakers Alliance is a non-profit organisation uniting filmmakers and actors from around the world who are committed to finding alternate ways for the potential to come to light.

Film Sphere

The BFA’s free interactive membership platform, allowing members the chance to promote themselves, meet and unite with other members, have an online presence and platform for their talent and their work and gain momentum for their projects

The BFA Awards

A revolutionary set of awards designed to showcase and celebrate acting, writing ad filmmaking talent when recognition is needed the most; the point where success is being strived for rather than already attained. Also includes categories for developing projects.

The World Film Showcase

A Film Festival, Market and Distribution platform allowing filmmakers the possibility of sourcing deals and finding an audience in a realistic and non-exploitative way.

The World Writers Showcase

Encouraging and supporting the work of writers and pioneering ‘AudioMovies’ a new way for films to begin their lifecycle

The Joining Forces Campaign

A social enterprise enabling the union of filmmakers and early retired servicemen and women for the benefit of all.

The Great British Challenge

Inviting the country to unite to support veterans, filmmakers and film itself.

Watch our video

Fires we’re Starting…

The BFA’s launch documentary covering our journey to bring a World Film Movement into fruition.

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