‘I don't know what is better than the work that is given to the actor - to teach the human heart the knowledge of itself.’

Lawrence Olivier

Even the most wizened of misers will be generous with one thing – their advice. People love to give it.

Any actor, or aspiring actor, will remember all too well the barrage of advice wrapped up as warnings they’ve been subjected to by all and sundry as soon as they revealed their most longed for ambition – mostly by those who’ve have never read a script, been to an audition or known the indescribable yearning that comes with wanting your place on stage or screen: ‘It’s impossible. You’ll never make it.’

But a few of us do know the hard and twisting road that takes you through the impossible maze of trying to succeed in this art form and will always tell you it’s worth fighting your way through the thorns.

We sit among the deluge of ‘Showreels from Scratch’ companies that offer to help actors on their way with an entirely different approach. We came into the field by accident. When a friend lost his agent and had no real material to compile into a showreel, we ‘cheated’ the process and filmed scenes from our screenplays over a weekend and produced a product that other actors didn’t stop asking us to replicate for them.

So, when availability permits, we’re happy to work with actors in all ways, understanding their needs, their talent, their casting type, then pushing them that little bit further than even they think they can go. We make our reels with the same fearlessness, artistry and dedication as we do our films and produce original writing especially for our clients’ purposes, rather than asking them to use a one size fits all catalogue of scenes.

Please view our selection of previous work below and get in touch for a consultation. We can find ways to suit every budget.

Sample Showreels

Harry Eden version 1

Emily Steel

James Oliver Wheatley

Marie Helen

Harry Eden version 2

Alys Darrow

Holly Boyeva

Ellen Sutherland

Sample Scenes

Fight/Dramatic Showdown

Deranged, Cunning, Manipulative Female Character

Father and Son Poignant Scene

Subtextual Scene

Period Piece Scene

You Man pushed to the Limit Scene

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